Juice Feast Alchemy

Reset your body, mind and soul.

April 16- May 7th

Join The Detox

Detox Your Body

Experience the ritual of detox to cleanse your body and your mind.

Vision Quest

Transform your story so you can anchor into refuge within.

Reclaim & Belong to Yourself

Reclaim your personal power and remember your soul wisdom.

Juice Feast Alchemy is a 21 day Quest that includes:

  • Week 1: Prep Week 
  • Week 2:  Juice/Blend Feast & Vision Quest (schedule & recipes included) ~ April 23 - 30
  • Healing Circle (Online)
  • Wellness Tips & Vision Quest Rituals
  • Online Portal + Video Teachings
  • Sacred Community (Away from social media)
  • Week 3: Reintegration Week


Plus, bonus:

  • Detox Secrets Masterclass
  • Yoga Detox Flow (75min)

When You Detox Your Body, You Never Just Detox Your Body.

You detox your heart, mind, relationship to self and others, and if done consciously, you can step into true alignment and integration of mind, body and Soul.

Juice Feast Alchemy will guide you to:

  • Activate your healing  
  • Create space for inner freedom and aligned action for what you want to embody
  • Reclaim your sense of Self and belonging


Join Juice Feast Alchemy

Reclaim Your Yearning To Belong To Yourself Again

Detox is a key step along the Self Healer Path. You have to let go of what is holding you back in your body, heart, mind and soul to heal the fragmentation that you feel.

Join The Detox

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