Awaken Your Inner Healer

Unlock the self healing secrets so you can transform your healing journey.


Awaken Your Inner Healer

Transform your healing journey so you can belong to yourself again


Tell me if this feels


You are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling deeply fragmented

You feel stuck along your healing journey, having tried so many things, you are still not where you want to be

You know it's time to release the trauma and the obstacles that hold you back

You yearn to connect inside yourself, reclaim your inner wisdom and joy, and find inner peace

You are ready to build trust within, unlock your inner guide so you can know what to do next

You are ready to move into deeper self-love, self-compassion and self-care

You don't have to stay stuck feeling confused and frustrated. You can reclaim your healing journey. You can belong to yourself again.

You can activate your 

inner healer.

Dedicate to finding your path.

This can be hard when you've already tried other things to feel better and haven't found the right answers.

But choosing to set out on a path of discovery to find your inner healer is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. It signals to your heart that you're committed to doing what needs to be done to feel better inside and out.

Love yourself again.

Feeling broken and vulnerable can prevent you from doing the things you should to take care of yourself. A wounded heart and soul needs kindness and patience.

With the right tools and practices, you can harmonize the relationship with yourself and ignite the powerful healer within to restore balance and enable you to be grounded and centred once again. 

Feel safe in your body.

Knowing your body has betrayed you is a scary feeling. It can make you feel alone and powerless.

Learning the right rituals and sacred practices will help you come into a more integrated sense of self and activate your inner healer. Giving you the ability to tune into the sacred space within so you can feel safe in your body.

You Were Never Meant To Do This Alone.

I'm here to help you along your journey.

I can show you the way.

Together, we'll reclaim your inner healer.

Cultivate new and healthy practices to awaken your inner healer.

Choose your path.

Clarify Your Origin Story

Identify what's holding you back and clarify how you want to feel with this free step-by-step guide.


Join the Self Healer Challenge

Discover the secrets of self-healing with this 21-day challenge.


Register for Mentorship

Be supported along your spiritual healing journey to transform your story and reclaim your personal power.


When you start walking the Self Healer Path you will:

Gain a clear sense of how to re-build yourself
Move past the veils of what's holding you back
Unlock the gateway to deeper levels of healing and belonging
Evolve your habits, mindset and health
Step into your power
Reclaim your body

Your Body Yearns To Heal.

If you are ready to feel more at peace with yourself and reclaim your power, then it's time to activate your inner healer.

Start walking the path today.

Start Your Journey
Hi, there! I'm Naty.

I am a Spirit Medicine Healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Shamanism Sanctioned Teacher and Author of Your Mighty Inner Healer

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